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What's Next Media Group is a company that is 2 years in the making. In the Spring of 2016 company founders Justin Clark and Lazer Kopansky embarked on a 50 road trip around the United States. The theme of their road trip? "What's Next". As they went from city to city, they found it difficult to find unique places to eat or hang out, only the top chains were located online. Company hours weren't set, addresses weren't posted, and many businesses didn't even have a social media site.

Justin being a big supporter of small business, found an issue with this fact that they didn't have a chance on the internet. Upon completing a Masters degree in Public Interest Communications he knew he had to do something to make a difference for these companies.

Thus starting; What's Next Media Group. Surround by a team of professionals in video production, graphic design, and social media management; the company was formed. The goal; to help small businesses have an online presence they are worthy of. Marketing companies in most part only work with big companies, who can afford the cost of their services.

What's Next Media is an affordable option to help small companies have a chance to work with a full professional team of graphic designers, account managers, and a social media management team. We want to work with everyday people, and we want to help them find "What's Next for their business.

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