What's Next Company President - Justin Clark


Justin has studied mass media for over 10 years. His father worked in the billboard industry, and mother in print advertising. It is in his blood to help companies advertise and promote themselves using different outlets.

Justin has a Master's Degree in Public Interest Communications from Florida State University, and has focused certification in Multicultural Marketing, as well as Digital Media.

With experience serving as the Director of Marketing for Fortune 500 corporations, and as a Public Information Officer, he brings the skills needed to assist your growth. Justin leads an extremely talented team in helping your company find What's Next for them.

Chief Creative Officer - Lazer Kopansky


Lazer has studied creative design and production from over 10 years.

As a member of the Academy of Mass Media he gained experience and an education from those at the top of field.

He is certified in video production, graphic design, and digital media. With experience producing graphics for companies such as Disney, he creates a top of the line visual for your company.

Where We Work

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